5 DAYS eating ONLY WILD FOODS! | Survival Challenge | The Wilderness Living Challenge 2017 SEASON 2

While we gear up for Season 3 in Texas to be RELEASED JULY 6, 2018, why not catch up on what you may have missed in Season 2 – Modern Hunter Gatherer!


Run this video out, and help me boost the channel watch time. This will help raise funds to cover the 22 hours drive to Woodland Caribou Provincial Park fly-in trip with Red Lake Outfitters in July with Jeremy!

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Enjoy the FULL COMPLETE Season 2 (2017) of Beyond Survival The Wilderness Living Challenge all in one place!

All 8 Episodes

0:00 Episode 1: Minnows, Milkweed & Mushrooms
42:17 Episode 2: Hare
1:06:24 Episode 3: Groundhog
1:32:13 Episode 4: Beaver
2:08:23 Episode 5: Fish
2:36:08 Episode 6: Bear
3:09:03 Episode 7: Catfish
3:53:34 Episode 8: Weigh Out
4:16:40 Trailer

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  1. The Wooded Beardsman 6 months ago


  2. PS5 Is KING 6 months ago

    Wow so yummy 😋

  3. clayton williams 6 months ago

    That's why Canadians have such strict gun laws. This guys shoots through metal wire cage with buddy right beside it ….

  4. Dhan Lama 6 months ago

    Not good this food

  5. Jason Woodcock 6 months ago

    I just put this on while I was painting and before I knew it I had watched the whole video

  6. Jason Woodcock 6 months ago

    Should of squeezed the poo out of the minnow

  7. Jan Zizka 6 months ago

    Most liberals are content with random rules.

  8. Jan Zizka 6 months ago

    I wonder if you soaked a minnow in water for 24 hours like you would soaking worms if it would change the taste? Worms are a great source of protein if harvested correctly.

  9. Bryant De Paz 6 months ago


  10. Reagen Lionel 6 months ago

    Watching them eat stomachs ruined any appetite I have.

  11. MLSCrow 6 months ago

    And just for the record…that did not help me want to try stuffed rabbit stomach, eye balls, or brains. In fact, I think that this helped me vow to avoid it at all costs for the remaining duration of my life. LOL shiver

  12. David Solis 6 months ago

    Is that bee sound effect cause like if the bees are that loud you would think they would be flying all over him

  13. Hawk eye 6 months ago

    Good stuff guy's,I'm learning a lot from your channel

  14. Joseph Ninety 6 months ago

    That stew looked dodgy lads

  15. AFG HZR 6 months ago

    I kinda feel bad for adam tho, having to watch yous eat that good buttery groundhog skin

  16. katerinne peña 6 months ago

    interesting points ,if anyone else wants to learn about

    organic survival food kit

    try Franaar Spies Control Formula (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my m8 got excellent results with it.

  17. Xavian Sherwood 6 months ago

    I can watch them suck rabbit brain from the skull like a straw, feast on rabbit stomach acid, munch on mushroom, milkweed & minnow soup, cook up a beaver, none of that bothers me, but my gawwwwd the never ending sound of those buzzing flies in the background litteraly drives me insane!!!😫

  18. Trey Banga 6 months ago

    That’s basically eating the 🐰 💩 just cooked!!! 🤮

  19. AcE 6 months ago

    You guyz you to are good pair of survivalist i like it !

  20. Macario Delcid 6 months ago


  21. Macario Delcid 6 months ago


  22. Julius Tiangson 6 months ago

    Bro….Adobo spice is a Filipino spice. Normally use with pork or chicken….so it can probably work with your black bear meat….just add a little bit of water and put meat and fat….let the meat cook and the fat cook until the water begins to dry in the pot and as soon as you hear some sizzling sound from the fat burning in the pot….stir it around so the Adobo spice gets into the meat and then….it's done…you can add some potatoes just before the water simmers off as will and it will go well with your bear meats…..I hope this helps you out when you are using the adobo spice….probably works best with (wild boar) and Adobo Spice…..or make it with a bird meat or even rabbit meat…would be good too..

  23. Jim Kevin Bueno Mecalco 6 months ago

    Eat the mino's fryed

  24. #Gill_Rude'Captain 6 months ago

    Explore&Try out some croc meat in my country here. Rip for the rabbit.

  25. Xandman _ 6 months ago

    Only animals that shouldn't be eaten are pets

  26. aboutbarrel 6 months ago

    all these organs and meat with fat makes me wonder how a groundhog burger would taste. should get a handcrank meat grinder and make some tacos or something with that adobo spice

  27. Jonathan Flud 6 months ago

    I think the rabbit stew would of been alot better if you put some of the mushrooms in it or any of the soups or stews u made

  28. Buz Hayes 6 months ago

    I only watched it because you did

  29. Lainey Bug 6 months ago

    I loved your point that factory farming for vegitation is as bad as the meat industry! Homesteading and hunting and not depending on any big industries is the ultimate key to our future!

  30. Lainey Bug 6 months ago

    I was totally waiting to see if you guys would eat the bone marrow on the rabbit, so that was so satisfying even though I love bunnies, I appreciate you utilizing as much as you safely could! Lol, I would have saved some of that berry mix as a sort of glaze! You probably could have used part of the skin with the rest of the bones to boil down for a bit of gelatin base…(I guess you knew that lol since you did it with the groundhog!)

  31. Kathleen Monsegue 6 months ago

    Isnt milk weed poisonous?

  32. North blue hill wildman 6 months ago

    The fish is a chub

  33. Kieran Farrell 6 months ago

    So glad he didn't hit his hand.. That had the potential to be a real Axident 🤣

  34. weaponbx08 6 months ago

    why they stew everything it makes it look blah i would grill and friee everything

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