6 great hidden role games for horrible liars

Hidden role games like Ultimate Werewolf are astronomically popular for a very good reason – simply put, betraying your friends can be great fun. With that in mind, here are 6 great hidden role games for horrible liars.

Get Ultimate Werewolf here (UK):

And here (US):

Get Good Cop Bad Cop here (UK):

and here (US):

Get Mafia De Cuba here (UK):

and here (US):

Get Deception Murder in Hong Kong here (UK):

and here (US):

Get Lifeboat here (UK):

Get Bang! The Dice Game here (UK):

and here (US):


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  1. Saul Ziranda 1 month ago

    can you guys upload a gameplay video of lifeboat please??

  2. Shadowed Pokefan 1 month ago

    I played one night ultimate werewolf and bang and love them both

  3. shadowwarl1 1 month ago

    I would like to add Sheriff of Nottingham as well

  4. Todd Kauk 1 month ago

    My #1 choice is Cockroach Poker, then MammuZ, and The Chameleon.

  5. Fabien de Serres 1 month ago

    No mention of Coup?

  6. Cameron Watson 1 month ago

    Wasn’t Bang published before Good Cop Bad Cop?

  7. Nick deJager 1 month ago

    I was expecting to see Coup on the list, especially the Reformation expansion.

  8. Nathan McKeehan 1 month ago

    Ultimate Werewolf is awesome!

  9. dru666888 1 month ago

    Avalon, Werewords and Don't Mess With Cthulhu are a couple of my personal favourites

  10. NightKrowe 1 month ago

    Can I get a "skip the intro" button for when I want to skip the commentary and go straight to the suggestions?

  11. Steven Lopez 1 month ago

    I like Succession… It's really about screwing your friends over… Political type dealings and whatnot. Super fun.

  12. Kate D 1 month ago

    I would love more themed recommendations lists. Like, best 2 player games, co-op games, small games to toss in your bag, long games to destroy an afternoon, surprisingly contentious games that just might destroy friendships, card games, word games, etc.

    sorry, once I start listing things, I just can't seem to stop…

  13. jetsetradio01 1 month ago

    I'm not a fan of Werewolf as people go out of the game. Avalon is much better for that type of game.

  14. Jesse Jones 1 month ago

    I'm loving the channel guys! Your "let's play" playlist is just 2 of every lets play and a deleted video lmao other than that keep it up friends!

  15. Jamie Fitzgerald 1 month ago

    I want to see a Let's Play of Deception Murder in Hong Kong. Would be fabulous with the OxVenturers. 😀

  16. Ulf Hazelcreek 1 month ago

    Brilliant explanation of Lifeboat!

  17. blondgalahad 1 month ago

    these are all very similar games all in all. I'm surprised you didn't put it some of the other ones like Spyfall (with the knowledge being reversed the traitor not having any and the citizens having more) or that is a merge of genres like Battlestar Galactica with the Cylons working agains the co-op gameplay but not wanting to get found out and imprisoned.

  18. Dale Robertson 1 month ago

    You guys have really helped me understand the wide world of board games which I've always want to be in

  19. Dale Robertson 1 month ago

    Haha I love their honesty about forgetting something at home!

  20. Sky 1 month ago

    Would you consider doing a list of the spookiest games to play for Halloween?

  21. danielwartist 1 month ago

    Any godfather that keeps guys like “Jimmy the Snitch” and “Stealing Frank” alive for any period of time deserves to be robbed blind

  22. Jonathon Freeman 1 month ago

    I actually like the BANG card game better than the dice, but all good recommendations

  23. Fernface 1 month ago

    Ooh, I love a good hidden roles game, though I too thought this was a list for people bad at lying!. Also, I'm no expert but it feels like these vids could do with a bit more b-roll during the longer spoken sections? Just something to keep the eyes happy while you explain the game. The bits like Wheels turning over cards in Good Cop Bad Cop were great. Lifeboat has lovely art. I'll definitely be checking that out.

  24. magicalfluffybunny 1 month ago

    We like playing Citadels. Everyone is a different role every turn, and you try to build a city. Very fun.

  25. Sarah Frances 1 month ago

    My proudest Werewolf moment was when I was a minion (knows who the werewolves and other minions are, is trying to help werewolves win, werewolves don't know who minions are). I was the only minion and there was only one werewolf who IMMEDIATELY put there foot in it and everyone knew they were the werewolf. Until I started talking! I managed to lie so well that by the end of it not even the werewolf thought they were the werewolf. So proud 😂

  26. Manus Noble 1 month ago

    Resistance / Avalon!

  27. Le Fahrrad 1 month ago

    Really like the channel, gave me a lot of great ideas for game night. I was wondering though if it would be possible to put a list of the games you talk about in the description or at a certain point in the video ? I often find myself going back to the video because I forgot the name of a game I was interested in.

  28. Neil Han Heng Pew 1 month ago

    With your love of Werewolf you should check out Growl. It kickstarted and is essentially werewolf with no moderator and uses a deck of cards to play

  29. Axel Dornelles 1 month ago

    I can't believe you forgot Secret Hitler, though.

  30. Axel Dornelles 1 month ago

    Except all cops are crooks.

  31. Scruffy Matt 1 month ago

    The Battlestar Galactica game is another great example of this type of game. It's incredibly fun sneakily sabotaging the ship's attempts to retain resources while accusing the person next to you of being the Cylon who's messing things up for everyone. 😀

  32. James Chamblee 1 month ago

    Resistance is one of my favorites

  33. dizzyizzylizzie 1 month ago

    I'm surprised Secret Hitler didn't make it on this list

  34. Nisansa de Silva 1 month ago

    What about "Secret Hitler
    "? 😀

  35. Salle 1 month ago

    Battlestar Galactica is the greatest hidden role game.

  36. Peter Allan 1 month ago

    Blood on the Clocktower is definitely worth playing. Find the uk page on Facebook and see if they will will run a game with you.

  37. Murat Briggs 1 month ago

    Secret Hitler and/or The Resistance are top games and should have been on that list!

  38. Night Cat 1 month ago

    Thanks, I'd never even heard of Lifeboat. Seems like an itneresting one that's a bit shy of the pack when it comes to this genre.

  39. Magpie: Singular 1 month ago

    Nice shirt Johnny.

  40. Mike did vlogs 1 month ago

    The only hidden role worth rooting out is that of a heretic, this is your ninth request to play Dark Heresy First Edition

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