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Hello All! It is time to attack the Atlas vs Ark conversation happening! Is Ark dead? Is Atlas a money grab? Should you boycott Atlas? It’s time to talk about all this and the new information around Atlas. Ark and Wildcard have made announcements around Atlas. I hope this video helps you understand my stance and the future of Atlas and Ark! I hope it helps!
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  1. Ultimate Powa 6 months ago

    If Atlas does what it promises, it will become one of the biggest games ever made.

  2. Eduardo Rubio 6 months ago

    you are missing the argument here. Atlas is a DLC sold as a new game (reskin), this is shady business ( a cash grab) it might be a good DLC but you need to open your eyes. Now get to pick that cotton for 6 hours 😉

  3. honeybobo i have a large cocko 6 months ago

    I honestly want Atlas to be good, I can't stand by the developers or by saying Ark is good, but after all I'm just a gamer who wants to play a good game

  4. honeybobo i have a large cocko 6 months ago

    the analogy between going to the movies and playing ark is the dumbest thing I've heard in 2018. When you're going to the movies and spending 250 dollars over 50 hours, that is quality time spent, when you're spending 250 dollars on ark over 6,000 hours , about 5,000 hours of those were hitting rocks and trees, standing afk, getting raided. Ark is a fundamentally broken game and that's a fact you can't argue with. I could play a game like the last of us for 30 hours and I could play a game like ark for 300 hours, but that doesn't mean that Ark is better than the last of us, it just meant it had a shorter time but the quality was more. Spending more time on a game doesn't mean you're getting your money's worth it just means you're addicted

  5. NTC Pizza 6 months ago

    I just hope Atlas is more Optimized than Ark.

  6. Forge Master Highclaw 6 months ago

    Ark is garbage !! but the 5.6k hours i have in that game are some of the best times ive ever had in a game. ATLAS IS GOING TO BE FUCKING AMAZING! me and my whole ark tribe is moving over to it

  7. ikweetgeennaam nog steeds geen naam 6 months ago

    I cant wait for atlas! 😉

  8. Zoe Moonlight 6 months ago

    People over here boycotting? Really? what a joke.

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