Burger Rush – Level 3: Burger Tiki Hut

Aah, my own piece of heaven on earth… The ocean view is so relaxing, but we can’t rest yet – People want more of our burgers!
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Heidi graduates at the head of her class at the International Culinary Academy and she decides to start her own burger restaurant to prove to the world that burgers can be fine cuisine too. In Burger Rush Deluxe, you’ll help Heidi realize her dream of creating low-fat, delicious burgers.

The game will give you some advices at the start of days, as well as other Mumbo-Jumbo. I’ll take notes of all of the intro tips the game
gives you: They could be some strategy to finish this game until all the matters regarding to burgers in our real life.

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  1. coronado editorialbc 6 months ago

    Deaj!!! 🤢🤮

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