Dice Games To Absolutely Die For – Top Family Board Games for New Gamers

Dice Games To Die For
Board Game Menu: Season 1
Episode: 5

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In this video we take a look at 8 of our favourite Dice Games to play with friends or the entire family.

Dice have been around for over thousands of years and been used in games like Yahtzee, Boggle, Monopoly, Ludo, Trouble, Backgammon and even Dungeons and Dragons. Their use has been to allow players to progress around a game board, resolve combat actions, build combos and are often used to determine the starting player.

Dice driven board games have continued to evolve as modern board game designers have incorporated dice as a mechanism for making games fun, engaging and highly interactive.

People are often divided when it comes to engaging in a game that involves dice due to the ‘luck’ factor involved. Designers have designed mechanisms where this element of luck can be mitigated via a player’s direct actions.

The evolution of dice games has reignited the nostalgia and introduced the idea of board gaming to people alike.

The Board Game Sanctuary is a family friendly board game channel that aims to introduce the board gaming hobby to new and seasoned players in a light, fun and humourous way.


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  1. David Haynes 1 month ago

    Are any of these Solo-able?

  2. Leeroy Porkins 1 month ago

    Bang: Dice
    Dice Throne
    Can't Stop
    Six Cubes
    Rallyman GT (?)
    Alien Frontiers
    Champions of Midguard (Blood Rage for Couples)

  3. Wendy McIlroy 1 month ago

    Very well presented! You have a great voice and awesome accent… I love your game choices as well…💕

  4. Clumsy Dad 1 month ago

    dude, fantastic title and great intro , great choices, you rule, new sub here, let's rock the rest of 2019, nice !!

  5. Marco Crotta 1 month ago

    Your videos would definetly benefit from a lavalier microphone.

  6. sentino68 1 month ago

    Invest in a mic my friend.

  7. lex luthore 1 month ago

    My favorite dice games is craps(7-11) followed by cee-low

  8. Leeroy Porkins 1 month ago

    How is Roll Player with the Expansions?
    My list:
    Champions of Midgard
    Dice Hospital
    Alien Frontiers
    Can't Stop

    Ones I'm interested in:
    Roll for the Galaxy
    Dice Throne

  9. Becca [AMellowMarshmallow] 1 month ago

    And here I am, just wanting the dice.
    I like pretty dice 🎲

  10. Bumbosu! 1 month ago

    No dice games will I ever (literally) die for

  11. Micah Miranda 1 month ago

    No one ever mentions VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game

  12. Tutiatot52 1 month ago

    Good job! I really like how your videos are free from verbal fluff.

  13. Hans Albers 1 month ago

    Very well presented. Interesting kind. Was a pleasure. 🙂

  14. R Dices 1 month ago

    I dice game I really like is escape: the curse of the temple

  15. Ben Schwarz 1 month ago

    The king of tokyo expansion makes it way better imo.

  16. Victor Gonzalez 1 month ago

    0:53 – Sagrada
    2:45 – Blueprints
    4:50 – Roll for the Galaxy
    7:03 – Steampunk Rally
    8:46 – Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis & Clark
    11:23 – Roll Player
    13:04 – King of Tokyo
    15:23 – Seasons

  17. Fernanda Martins 1 month ago

    Your videos are so funny.thank you from Portugal.

  18. C H 1 month ago

    Really good video, with interesting game choices – love Steampunk Rally, and have been wanting to try Discoveries for a while now!

  19. Vendetta 1 month ago

    Games to die for, aka street craps 😅

  20. Farzher 1 month ago

    i hate dice

  21. TfgN_ Guard Demon 1 month ago

    Loved it keep up the good work

  22. bonesix 1 month ago

    you should check Too Many Bones!

  23. Almighty Snowfox 1 month ago

    Quarriors? best dice game EVER!!!..try will be addicted to it 😀

  24. GeorgiJaxx 1 month ago

    Marco polo, troyes and alien frontiers are my favourite dice games!

  25. Fighterfan69 1 month ago

    Great video. You should mention about the power up! expansion for King Of Tokyo. For me, it's a must addition as the monsters now have some unique powers to compliment each thematically. Love Roll for the Galaxy and Roll Player.

  26. Flavio Sousa 1 month ago

    My favorite is the wonderful Las Vegas The Dice Game, nominated for the Spiel des Jahres 2012. Simple, brilliant, great fun and my students love it.

  27. Flavio Sousa 1 month ago

    I'm a high school teacher and I need extremely simple board games for large groups (8 players +). We've already tried Saboteur, Taboo, Gold Up, Las Vegas The Dice Game, TimeBomb and Unspeakable Words. Any other tips? Thanks in advance!

  28. dromadrosis 1 month ago

    Quantum? Have you ever played it? 🙂

  29. Clint Jackson 1 month ago

    Haha love your video intro

  30. John Silveira 1 month ago

    Another great video! These are all some of my favorite dice game too

  31. The Boardgame Buddies 1 month ago

    make sure to get the 'power up' expansion to King of Tokyo!

  32. Rachel Maxwell 1 month ago

    These games all seem pretty interesting in their use of dice as game mechanic. Whilst all of them seem fun. I find Sagarda, Blueprints, Steampunk Rally, Roll Player, and Seasons to be more interesting and not as complex as Roll for the Galaxy. Even though I haven't played King of Tokyo, isn't a theme that I'm very keen on.

    As for the video itself. It would have been nice if you added a little summary towards the end just to recap the games and also mention if you would do a more complete review or example playthrough. I enjoy your quirky humour.

    Thanks for making these videos and keep them coming!

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