Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game – Secondhand Toy Review

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Like Disney Princesses? Like pretend cupcakes? This is the game for you! the Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game is great because it is a game and the cupcake pieces are also suitable as toys for pretend tea parties (just be sure not to lose any of the tiny pieces). The game is a cooperative memory, direction following, and building game. At 5 years old, Cora loves this game. She spends hours playing with the little cupcakes, having her figures admire them or setting them up for a tea party.

This was a great thrift shop find for just $1.50. As a secondhand toy it holds up pretty well. I can see some signs of on the inner box that holds the cupcakes (thing plastic), but that does not affect game play. If you find this gem at a flea market or thrift shop, make sure that it has all 9 cupcakes (each has 4 pieces), the timer (though you can use one from another game), the matching cards (two of each mix, bake, and decorate; 4 clock cards), at least one full set of 9 recipe cards (there are 3 decks pink, purple, and blue each has 9 cards to play with, but you only use one for each game.
We only ever play the pink set of cards since Cora is not a fan of mixed-up Princess Cupcakes).

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