FF9 Excalibur II Perfect Game | 1.2 – 100 Nobles Are Not Impressed

Alexandria Steeple to Alexandria Castle Guardhouse

Seriously – I tried for about 5 hours on my LCD TV and couldn’t do more than 98. Within 15 minutes of trying on a CRT, I got 100 nobles. Certainly all that practice helped, but there is significant input lag from an LCD. I might need to switch for all my speed runs…

*Impressing 100 Nobles
*Get moonstone from Queen Brahne

Start Time: 00:08:45
End Time: 00:18:05
Goal Time: 00:17:32

Segment Time Gain/Loss: +13s
Total Time Gain/Loss: 00:33

Segment Resets: 31
Total Resets: 39

Excalibur II Perfect Game Guide by Atomos199:

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— Twitter: Antilles58


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  1. Max Pettersson 6 months ago

    For the first time in my life I actually did the fight scene my first try 😳 I know some really bad shit is gonna happen soon cause we all know you can't be that fucking lucky…

  2. Wild Matsu 6 months ago

    Segment 1: Mild frustration but nothing more than expected
    Segment 2: A pitiful, broken man forces himself to persevere through the task he chose to undertake

  3. saeklin 6 months ago

    Finally got 100/100 on ps2. Ejecting the disc right before the sword fight when the screen goes black slows the fight down significantly. If the screen stays black, reinsert the disc, wait a couple seconds then eject it again. Might have to wait 4-5 seconds for the disc to begin loading. This won't work on ps3 but might on ps1. I don't know if this trick works on an lcd screen.

  4. Arbustoteles 6 months ago

    I was so lucky in this part, made it all perfect on my first try =D

  5. TheSunTitan 6 months ago

    Impressing the Nobles looks significantly easier on the Steam version. You can really take your time with the inputs, and if you mess up you can just ALT+F4, select Continue, and you'll start back at the duel, skipping the Vivi section and the play. Props to you for doing it the hard way, looking forward to continue this challenge.

  6. Anthony Kendrick 6 months ago

    Dude your a beast

  7. Afranio Ramalho 6 months ago

    I trying on android emulator. Today I gained this reward. Thanks for the vídeo.😏🤗

  8. S Wagner 6 months ago

    A year and a half later lol.. I love this game. Is it possible to pull off a perfect Excalibur 2 speedrun if I have the ps3 digital download? I hate that i can't skip the FMV. Great vids, looking forward to watching through the playlist.

  9. TheIrishBub 6 months ago

    Hey, I just got the Excalibur II myself last week, and I'm trying to do the perfect game now. I'm stuck at the swordfight, and I think it's because I'm using an LCD TV. Maybe I should do what you did and switch to the CRT in my house, and see how quickly I get it.

    EDIT: Love the vids so far! These will definitely be a great point of reference for me to go by!

  10. Ander Pendragon 6 months ago

    What is CRT?

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