Film Theory: Is The Martian's POOP SCIENCE Full of CRAP?

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Today’s episode promises to be CRAPPIER than ever – because we’re talking about The Martian. That’s no judgement on the movie, it’s just that the film is ACTUALLY full of poop and poop science. But the question is…is the poop science actually a load of crap? Hold your nose and dive in to discover if it is actually possible for Watney to survive on Mars like the movie portrays.

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  1. Domenic Linnell 1 month ago

    Wait if NASA had to look up perchlorates but there used in rocket fuel how did NASA not know?????

  2. Pop Master 1 month ago

    Eeehhhh I was just eating a carrot 😭😭

  3. Cman Lives 1 month ago

    Didn't Matt Damon permanently mess up his body by only eating potatoes to drop weight? Now that is a Shamalan twist.

  4. Ross n Bree is Awesome 1 month ago


  5. KIllaGamerBOI 1 month ago


  6. CoffeeqCats 1 month ago

    liquid water

  7. mustafa Gamer 1 month ago

    wait how about the oxegen where did it come from

  8. muhammad cendikia 1 month ago

    Meeettt demen..

  9. Kato Min 1 month ago

    Watney: I can grow and eat potatos

    Techno: *laughs in potato king

  10. MasterCrazyAndy 1 month ago

    hey how about the time he use nothing but metal and some cloth with fuel to escape mar orbit

  11. exotic butters EA 1 month ago

    Im going to capitalise on my poop

  12. Not Danten 1 month ago

    My friends tell me this channel is crap, and now I sees why

  13. J Branham 1 month ago

    But he's not a Martian he's not born there, he's still from earth.

  14. Wiffled 1 month ago

    make lays (which by coincidence which is made of potatoes) and boom infinite air.

  15. Hallie Geary 1 month ago

    I don’t know if Bruce Willis is in this movie but if he isn’t I’m pretty sure he made an Armageddon reference and that movie was so sad

  16. Jamie Mouat 1 month ago

    Boy I do like my radioactive potatoes because mars has no magnetic field to speak of

  17. Will Abrahamsen 1 month ago

    arnt there poisonous dusts in the air of mars that would stick to his suit and come loose later (in his bunker). also the less gravity is bad for your muscles and stuff so ha my year 6 stem project isnt useless

  18. Dennis 1 month ago


  19. Jessy Becerra 1 month ago

    OMG THIS IS LIKE MY FAVORITE MOVIE. So when it got film theory approval it makes me happy

  20. Luis Cheung 1 month ago

    So you were looking into the diet of a man on Mars when… he also put a nuclear reactor next to his face

  21. Wizard Wizard 1 month ago

    What do people got against adam sandler movies?.

  22. Crimson W1ld 1 month ago

    Wow this movie is much more scientific than I first thought, its beautiful to see some real science

  23. Hashim Daboh 1 month ago

    This theory is disgusting 😷

  24. Hunter Hiebert 1 month ago

    7:45, that’s why I got so confused upon rewatching the movie after reading the book. In the book, Watney was clear that he would only use his own poop because all the pathogens in it he already has—he made a point of this! But I’m the movie, they had him also use his team’s poo? I didn’t understand.

  25. Lisbeth Mathiasen 1 month ago

    I love mars

  26. Julian Garcia 1 month ago

    I was watching this while eating and lost my appetite lol

  27. NeonNational 1 month ago

    MatPat : flush it, wash your hands
    Coronavirus : bad advice

  28. Saleha Kanwal 1 month ago

    Matpat:this is possible
    Me:where's the water

  29. A Gut Feelin 1 month ago

    A person can totally live on just potatoes, I've actually lived on nothing but potatoes for just under a year and I'm still here. I've also lived on only watermelon for about four months and just bread for about three months.

    And it was not by choice. I have a severe form of a very rare genetic disease, and this has resulted in my inability to eat almost all foods. In a nutshell when humans breathe, eat, drink, ingest or absorb anything, the body sees this stuff as a foreign substance and uses proteins called cytochrome p450 (CYPs) enzymes to metabolize them. This is our natural detox system. CYPs are made up of another protein called heme (the same heme that makes up hemoglobin) and when my body makes heme it also crates a bunch a very toxic byproducts that poison my body and can lead to organ failure. Different things/foods require different amounts of CYPs and a few years back the only food I could eat without it causing extreme pain, sickness, and possibly death was potatoes. In fact up until just recently I've been living on only plain kifer for the last two years and did okay on that as well. Literally just last month I finally found two more foods I can eat, and I can eat potatoes again too, so now I'm able to eat/drink a total of four things. lol. Crazy, right?!

    Oh and I forgot to mention that the only way I could eat the potatoes without getting sick was to just boil them. Yup, almost a year of eating nothing but plain boiled russet potatoes. Not even salt added. Nothing….

    Anyway, a person can defiantly live on just potatoes – I'm living proof. You'd actually be amazed at what the body can survive on… I know I am! 🙂

  30. Matt Deacon 1 month ago

    happy Irish noises

  31. Jacob Bishop 1 month ago

    Would the potato’s get enough sunlight because he grew the potato’s indoors

  32. Thatonedudemanguy YT 1 month ago

    Wouldn't the potatoes take a long time to grow?

  33. BabyBackRibs69 !!! 1 month ago

    What about oxygen tho? Wouldn’t he be short since humans absorb a lot of oxygen?

  34. Harry Edwards 1 month ago

    thanks for the info it helped with a since exam called mission to mars

  35. MOHD 1 month ago

    It’s just a movie why you have to ruin everything?

  36. McQueenPress 1 month ago

    In the book, he also had beans.

  37. Chicko Roll 1 month ago

    he should of came out of the womens room lol

  38. B14z3 1 month ago

    Who else vibes to the intro

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