Final Fantasy 9 Walkthrough – PERFECT GAME – POWER LEVELING & STAT MAXING – Grand Dragons Guide

Final Fantasy IX PS4 Excalibur 2 Perfect Game Walkthrough
– FF9 Grand Dragon Power Leveling

Finally we being the process of leveling our characters to 99! I show you the setup I am using for the Path B stat maxing route and the location of the Grand Dragons. As well as using these fiends for power leveling, we also require to kill 100 to max out Freya’s Dragon Crest ability.

The Excalibur II is a coveted weapon in FFIX that can only be looted before the in-game clock ticks 12:00 hours. Since it is located towards the end of the game on disk four, this can be a challenge to say the least! It is required for the Platinum Trophy. In this series we will not only be working towards this sword, but we will be doing everything else as well 🙂 Sounds impossible? Let’s find out!

Perfect Excalibur II Playlist:

Standard FF9 Walkthrough Playlist:

GameFaqs Guide By Atomos199:

Final Fantasy 9 was first released way back at the turn of the century for the original Playstation (PSX). Seventeen years later it’s back in this PS4 re-release with updated HD models and graphics.


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Final Fantasy IX PS4 Excalibur 2 Perfect Game Walkthrough
– FF9 PS4 Remaster Guide


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  1. Do0oM 6 months ago

    Fix now 8802xp

  2. 123TauruZ321 6 months ago

    This could be so much shorter and with no voices. Would be much better.

  3. Dustin Roath 6 months ago

    How does this game look so good on your video?? I have the original Playstation with S Video and your video looks SUBSTANTIALLY better than my PS1???

  4. Sam Yelts 6 months ago

    Thank you 🙏

  5. Kakashi - Leonhart 6 months ago

    I am going for the combined stat so instead i got a calculator next to me & am reading it on text on his guide 🙂 for some characters

  6. HALEXTERRA 6 months ago

    Ridiculo to use cheats to win, what's so funny about the game?

  7. Fei Wong 6 months ago

    Oh the classic Lv5 death Grand Dragon trick, i lost count back in the day how much hours i spent leveling up my party doing this, i even renamed Quina as Dr.Slayer.

  8. Kuposaur 6 months ago

    Congrats on 16k subs!

  9. Vegesther 6 months ago

    Except I kept the 9999 cheat on ie even on this version with the no battles cheat OFF I still first only had Thievery hit for 1500 damage per use when its first useable and barely had it still do 3000+ damage FOR all the final dungeon enemies while having Quina's frog drop do even LESS damage then that.

    So its just faster to turn on the 9999 cheat and while instant leveling to 99 cheat turns off the trophies I personally don't care about collecting any so I turned on the instant level to 99 cheat and max gold/money cheat as soon as the game starts that and I still needed to turn on most if NOT all the cheats to get the Excalibur 2 weapon in the first place.

  10. Thomas 6 months ago

    Stealing with zidane is also required to max thievery by the way.

  11. Bzx man 6 months ago

    I remember playing FF9 for the first time and running into this guy, didnt go too well

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