Final Fantasy IX 100% Playthrough Part 1 The Journey Begins

You guys wanted it! so here it is, my 100% playthrough for FF9 (Minus Excalibur 2)
Final Fantasy IX HD Full Gameplay Walkthrough (PS4 Pro, PS4, Steam, Xbox 1, PS1) Showcasing all Boss Fights,optional Boss fights, Sidequests, Cutscenes, Endings, Secrets, Grinding Spots,how to get Ultimate Gear and trophy Guides along with all news and updates – No Commentary

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  1. Jordan Leighton 6 months ago

    I do also do the moving around the edges thing at the beginning too

  2. Blahblah Bleh 6 months ago

    Click bait

  3. Cash Money 6 months ago

    Thanks for the guide!! Question, is this for the ps4 version and does it cover all trophies as well?

  4. François C 6 months ago

    8:57, I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure you forgot to get a potion here. It's on the right of the ladder, on the small table.

  5. Mai Shirafune 6 months ago

    Have you tried to do the Level 1-Challenge PLUS getting Excalibur II yet? I never thought it was possible but somehow it is.

  6. 2001four 6 months ago

    This is my first Final Fantasy. I remember when it first came out back when the PSone was HUGE.

    I don’t know why a lot of people hate it 🥺

  7. Short Bolts 6 months ago

    Just thought I would let you know, with the Knight's, you had nearly missed the one in the library as well. You did miss the one at the top of the stairs, but the one in the library, you need to speak to him once, head out, head back in, find him behind the bookshelf, then he goes permanently.

  8. DixieHB 6 months ago

    "Does anybody recognize this music?"
    >No music, sound is super dim

  9. Schanze117 6 months ago

    Why would you grab the cards out of the bell tower at the beginning? If you wait until later they drop the eidolon shiva and rumah cards.

  10. Benashley Connell 6 months ago

    At what point can you go around collect everything without things stopping you?

  11. johannes horner 6 months ago

    Just got the jumprope back on the ps1. I Was much more Patient back then

  12. Resilient Embers 6 months ago

    Awesome channel, thanks for sharing this with us. Looking forward to completely playing through this franchise with these videos as guidance.

  13. Adam Murnin 6 months ago

    Just waiting for mine to download time to go back to child hood

  14. GetOnADamnDiet 6 months ago

    I bought ff9 Thursday night for like what 12 bucks for my switch

  15. Narklas 6 months ago

    at first i thought yea.. ff9… pretty easy to 100%, then i remembered that minigame….. i personally never did it… my record is like 500 so id say you will reach like 800 maybe? good luck in the past 😉

  16. Stephan Zulaica 6 months ago

    I hope she gets the picture

  17. Kenny Culler 6 months ago

    Best game ever

  18. VxdspawnVx 6 months ago

    never really understood why brahne decided to blow up the airship…with garnet on it…the person she needs alive

  19. Todd M 6 months ago

    Reinstalled on Xbox one x. 5 hours in. First line of cards found. 23000 Gil. 100 nobles impressed. Good start so far

  20. Harper Evelyn 6 months ago

    magnificent Games

  21. James Randall 6 months ago

    I run around searching everywhere too bro. Mainly cause I feel like I might miss something or forget something lol

  22. SuperEkkorn 6 months ago

    fun fact, vivi is a fairly common norwegian girl's name

  23. Caleb Culver 6 months ago

    I remember seeing a video about it, and it triggered the OCD completionest in me that said ," Finally I can play FfIX

  24. Caleb Culver 6 months ago

    Isn't there a time/save glitch that lets you do everything but let's you reach Excalibur 2?

  25. Nieko Stewart 6 months ago

    I'm new to your channel. Just subscribed. Could you let me know if this guide will help me Platinum the game on PS4? I know I'll have to start a new save file for Excalibur II but will this guide help for the rest of the Trophies?

  26. Garrett Joel 6 months ago

    The Easter egg takes 50 attempts of choosing the queen

  27. Emo Meister 6 months ago

    Please do shin megami tensei games next

  28. Fenrir009 6 months ago

    9 jumps for the jump rope 😉

  29. Elliot Blackwell 6 months ago

    im of two minds for Quina's Pronunciation…most of the time i pronounce it Kwee-nah but then i play Dragon's Dogma and there is a Quina in that game and her name is spoken and pronounced Key-na so sometimes i end up saying that now.

  30. white0thunder white0thunder 6 months ago

    I guess using a program is the best way to beat the jump rope game anymore. I actually saw a guy create a program that could get everything out of the rope game including the impossible trophy. I can't remember who it was but it was off of a guy who was going for the Excalibur II, 100%, as well as keeping everyone's level at 1 for max stats at the end of the game.

  31. Josh Epperson 6 months ago

    I saw a video of a timer glitch for Excalibur 2. I don't know if they fixed it for PS4. The glitch was the timer reset after hitting 99:99:99 to 00:00:00 and because of the reset the allowed the player to get Excalibur 2.

  32. mark wadey 6 months ago

    Hi primal. Could you please give me some tip re this one I keep getting 95-97 only. Thank you

  33. William Harrison 6 months ago

    U have to do the queen 64 times

  34. BertyBadass 6 months ago


  35. Inareth 6 months ago

    I love Zorn and Thorn! I need to play this game again. Probably PS1 emulation as Square's games tend not to behave under Proton very well and I don't actually have a PS4.

  36. MrBlindsight1 6 months ago

    Vivi my favorite fake boy of mass destruction.

  37. Mc Taco 6 months ago

    Did you just spoil the Dagger's name? You heathen, that is a not a spoiler to just drop like this is a VH1 pop up video.

  38. zack trever 6 months ago

    How high?

    So high you can touch the sky

  39. Richard Cutright 6 months ago

    … no excalibur II = not 100% playthrough

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