Final Fantasy IX: Ozma in a Perfect Game

Ozma is my favorite boss in any Final Fantasy. The randomness of his attacks and the fact that sometimes Meteor just flat out kills you makes him a reasonably challenging boss despite having only 1/1000 of Yiazmat’s HP (assuming you’re at a reasonable level).

My perfect game was the first time I’ve gotten to fight Ozma legitimately in a while, so I took advantage of that and did it at a reasonably low level and without completing the friendly monster sidequest, and without using fixed damage.

This battle is all about abusing Ozma’s AI. Throwing the tent at the start of the battle heals Ozma (who cares?), but it also inflicts Darkness on him, which he sometimes wastes a turn curing, despite doing absolutely nothing. Having Steiner get hit by Lv 5 Death was intentional, since it’s on less turn he uses curse. Lv 4 Holy is Ozma’s most worthless attack (aside from Esuna) and can be guarded, so having someone get hit by that is a good idea too. Having Steiner and Quina equip Pumice Pieces may not have been the best idea, because it slightly increases the chances of seeing Meteor. Thanks to Auto-Potion and Auto-Regen, my party will always be fully healed after Flare Star. If he decides to hit me with Curse, it’s not a killer, it just slows me down some. Angel Snack takes care of it nicely. No Mercy, Shock, and Twister make up the majority of my damage, and Zidane is completely unable to damage him, so he goes on healing/ether duty after stealing the two missables from him. I have 2 additional recorded victories against him if people want to see them (one of them is 28 minutes long, but it was a damn fun battle).


Zidane (Lv 39): Ultima Weapon, Circlet, Chimera Armlet, Ninja Gear, Power Belt
Steiner (Lv 40): Excalibur II, Genji Helmet, Venetia Shield, Carabini Mail, Pumice Piece
Amarant (Lv 41): Kaiser Knuckles, Golden Hairpin, Chimera Armlet, Ninja Gear, Protect Ring
Quina (Lv 47): Bistro Fork, Circlet, Bracer, Black Robe, Pumice Piece

All have Auto-Regen, Auto-Haste, Auto-Potion, Clear-headed. Quina has Millionaire, Loudmouth, MP+10%. Zidane has Master Thief and Bandit. Steiner and Amarant have HP+10%, HP+20%

I should note that Loudmouth is completely useless in this battle and would have been better replaced by Antibody.


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  1. Darth Death 6 months ago

    All these years later I've never seen Ozma use Esuna before.

  2. ff7omega 6 months ago

    Where are the meteors

  3. Greatermaxim 6 months ago

    This boss has set spells and stats based on the era it's programmed. These days we can design things that can adapt to us and eventually beat us. I'm sure it was possible when FFIX came out but it wasn't practical.

  4. Greatermaxim 6 months ago

    You can define a perfect game as no game over. A game without characters deaths might be tricky unless you go right for the final boss.

  5. พชร ตัญตระกูล 6 months ago

    Why he not use meteor and curse? This is not real Oozma.

  6. Oley Freder 6 months ago

    Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyenywe Uyegbeni Osma

  7. SummonerDJGaming 2nd Channel 6 months ago

    Wait a minute how you get absorbed by Meteor????? Low Leveled? And have very stealing rate

  8. SummonerDJGaming 2nd Channel 6 months ago

    Oh look a powerful marble!!!

  9. konihonyin 6 months ago

    Can Status ailments be used against Ozma? O.O

  10. [NQZATR] 6 months ago

    Can't you just buy Ark/Pumice Piece from Hades? It's been almost 13 years since I played this game, so my memory is foggy.

  11. Seymour Guado 6 months ago

    where is the perfect game???

  12. Ren1995link Morales 6 months ago

    what the hell is that? what kind of boss is that a ball or a sphere? doesnt look dangerous or bossy. why kill it?

  13. Rbubbaray P 6 months ago

    man this boss was so hard when i first tried it , this FF was my fav the frog shit got old though.

  14. Zero Resistance 6 months ago

    beated ozma in barely two turns. Party setup, Freeya, Vivi, Steiner, Zidane. Freeya 9999 dmg dragons crest, vivi 9999 dmg on flares, by 2x reflect auto reflect abilities. Steiner 9999 shock. zidane 9999 thievery dmg.

  15. Ultima Snuff 6 months ago

    У меня лучше.

  16. TheDamir4an 6 months ago

    i kill ozma

  17. Vaginaattori 6 months ago

    Just finished this game for the first time like 20 mins ago, and i'm so disappointed how easy this was. I had my party below 60lv. and tried 5 times in a row to see if i had just gotten lucky the first time, but he was just as easy every time. I had dark absorbing armor, ultimate weapons for steiner and zidane, basically the best equipment available, antibody/clearminded/bright eyes, return magic for amarant.

     basically just attacked with zidane, threw wing edges/no mercy with amarant, and steiner shock/ trance attacked.fourth character was an extra. No need to heal since auto-regen+autopotion work so fast. the 5 times i fought him in a row with different party, he did meteor ONCE(which killed one character), and curse/mini a few times and never managed to nail the whole party with bad statuses(even if he did theres always Angel snack), and the one time he did doomsday it healed my party full hp and did 8,000dmg to him. Oh and of course  amarant's return magic right after that for another 8,000dmg.

     And of course if you have vivi and amarant both in your party then it's 3×8,000dmg=24,000dmg since they both have return magic XD. It's fool proof, i don't even know how you can lose? Also stole all his items while he was busy casting his pathetic flare/flarestar+lvl.4 holy/holy combos all the time. So many ways to beat him, and none of them are cheap. wish i hadn't done the friendly monsters sidequest, so i might have gotten some challenge.

  18. amyvitality66 6 months ago

    This freaking huge ass color marble kept spamming Meteor and Curse. GAAAAAAH!

    What's worse? Meteor'd, then I got Auto-Life then get Meteor'd again. Game Over.

  19. Donnie Darko 6 months ago

    Do you guys know that, when you completed that "Friendly Monsters" side quest (that which you give precious stones like Garnet, Moonstone, etc), that black Yan would say something like: "Now you can face the round guy", which is obviously Ozma.

    Usually on a normal battle against this boss, you won't be able to reach it with attacks and he absorbs Dark elemental magic (Doomsday), but after you give a Diamond to that black Yan, you can now attack him plus when Ozma casts Doomsday it will damage him 🙂

  20. Andy Semple 6 months ago

    Ah, back when boss challenge came from skill and strategy and not "give it so much HP you die of boredom".

  21. KupoXieoTT 6 months ago

    Hades and Tartanian (considering what level your on) are more difficult.

    I used Shadow armor (for Doomsday attack-absorbs the attack) against OZMA.
    Reds No Mercy is good.
    Use Vivo's Doomsday against it. (Mace of Zeus).
    Equip everyone with Auto Life, and Auto Haste.
    Idk, It worked for me.

  22. KupoXieoTT 6 months ago

    Perfect game???
    Zidane died.

  23. Tali Demon // Lady Morgan 6 months ago

    Invincible Garland, you are awesome. I'm glad someone else like me is out there.

  24. Poopsie The kiler!11!!! 6 months ago

    ozma healed from doomsday so its not  a perfect game

  25. jimeratliff 6 months ago

    I think anybody would flip off on this boss

  26. jimeratliff 6 months ago

    DAMN U OZMA!!!!!!

  27. 4400vergil 6 months ago

    Fake is Steiner lvl 40 and make 9999 damage to ozma it shock is not possivel

  28. dragonieprayer 6 months ago

    omg! I never got to battle this guy…. O.o

  29. Currywurstkanone 6 months ago

    A giant marble attacks!

  30. DUBsFreaK 6 months ago

    i fought ozma, stole everything he had and he dropped me on top of that another dark matter next to the pumice *.* 3 dark matters now 3 pumice pieces and a pumice

  31. MusiQuil 6 months ago


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