Final Fantasy IX Perfect File with Excalibur II & 9 Promist Rings (NTSC) – 100% COMPLETE

This is the finished product of the Final Fantasy IX Excalibur II Perfect File with 9 Promist Rings, which includes all side quests and mini-games completed. Even after I got the Excalibur II, I still treated this file as a speed-run so my final time is how long it would take to complete this if you didn’t waste too much time. This file took considerable less time to complete compared to my FFVII and FFVIII PGs mainly because there are no stat-maxing items and fewer items in general. Also EXP & Gil in FFIX have a much lower maximum than FFVII. Unlike FFVII, EXP & Gil DOES max out!

It may be necessary to pause the video multiple times as there is a lot to see in 10 minutes!

I followed stat path B for this file, which I think is better than paths A or C. Freya takes all EXP from Tantarian on Disc 3 resulting in -2 Magic but this gives Zidane +1 Speed, +2 Magic, and -1 Strength.

Definitions of the FFIXEX2PG:

1) All characters have 50 Spirit + max stats without any
equipment on other than their strongest buyable
weapon, their highest HP and MP possible, all abilities
learned, 9999999 EXP, and a completely empty trance
bar. Zidane has the Orichalcon equipped so account for
the +1 speed he receives from it.

2) All Eidolons are unflagged except Madeen which
unflags at Mt. Gulug automatically.

3) 99 of every obtainable item on Disc 4 except for the
items missible on earlier discs and items that are
limited in quantity. Due to the time and gil constraints of the Excalibur II
Perfect Game challenge, it is impossible to get 99 of EVERY SINGLE item
in the game. All of the Key Items and the tutorial
options still have “NEW” next to them. Missible items are
obtained in “perfect amounts” meaning enough for each
equippable character plus 1 for the inventory. Also I kept the Hammer for the extended ending, where synthesizing the Tin Armor is an irreversable decision.

4) A rank of “Master” and 1700 Collector Pts. (Even though
the card menu is glitched, the ‘Master’ rank still counts)
All 100 cards have max stats as well. Best off all I have a
perfect record with 2706 wins, 0 losses, and 0 draws!

5) 999 frogs caught and 1000 jumps x3 on the Jump Rope
mini-game (I do not have the dexterity to do 9999 jumps
3 times!, nor do I have the patience to catch 9999 frogs!)

6) 99 Protect Rings and 99999 points redeemable and
Beak LV99 for the Chocobo Hot & Cold mini-game, plus I am officially staking a claim to the
record for the most points won in a single game of
Chocobo Hot & Cold on console, EVER! (2021 pts. —
including a limit bonus of 1850 pts!) It took 75 hrs alone
to get 99 Protect Rings!

7) The timer has rolled over 3 times. 0+ hours is White,
100+ hours is Red, 200+ hours is Yellow, and 300+
hours is Blue, so my final time upon completion is at
382 hrs 35 min 08 sec. The color changes to Purple at 400+ hours, then to
Green at 500+ hours, but once the timer reaches 599 hrs 59 min 59 sec, it
stops there, until the internal clock rolls back over to White and the timer
starts all over again, which takes over 32 months of game time!

8) Mognet Central is revived and all 27 letters have been delivered.

Special thanks goes to Chris Acosta. If he hadn’t got me into this game, this video would not exist. Also I need to thank 1whoistornapart, rlouisw, and InvincibleGarland, whose FFIXEXIIPG videos were also used to guide me along getting the Excalibur II, which lead to the basis for a perfect save!


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