I Decided to Ruin The Game With Mods and This Happened – Farming Simulator 19

I Decided to Ruin The Game With Mods and This Happened – Farming Simulator 19
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I just kept adding more and more mods recently, so now it’s time to take things to the next level.

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ABOUT: Farming Simulator 19

The best-selling franchise returns this year with a complete overhaul of the graphics engine, offering the most striking and immersive visuals and effects, along with the deepest and most complete farming experience ever.

Farming Simulator 19 takes the biggest step forward yet with the franchise’s most extensive vehicle roster ever! You’ll take control of vehicles and machines faithfully recreated from all the leading brands in the industry, including for the first time John Deere, the largest agriculture machinery company in the world, Case IH, New Holland, Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Krone, Deutz-Fahr and many more.

Farming Simulator 19 will feature new American and European environments in which to develop and expand your farm and will introduce many exciting new farming activities, including new machinery and crops with cotton and oat! Tend to your livestock of pigs, cows, sheep, and chickens – or ride your horses for the first time, letting you explore in a brand-new way the vast land around your farm.

Farming Simulator 19 is the richest and most complete farming experience ever made!

The biggest step forward for the Farming Simulator franchise, offering the most striking and immersive graphics ever
Use and drive hundreds of faithfully reproduced farming vehicles and tools, including for the first time John Deere
Tend to your livestock including pigs, cows, sheep, chicken, and for the first time horses
Ride your own horses and explore the vast areas offered in huge open worlds loaded with farming activities
Develop your farm online with up to 16 players and enrich your Farming experience with community-created mods


End Card By Exandria:

Hello everybody, I’m Gray! I love doing let’s plays and tutorials of games, such as Happy Room, Conan Exiles, Raft, My Summer Car, Hello Neighbor, Brick Rigs, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, and BeamNG.Drive. I’ve got at least two new videos coming out every day focusing on gameplay, tutorials, tips and tricks, and bonus videos coming out of the newest Indie games as well. Thanks for checking me out!

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  1. AnaTheKitten 2 months ago

    I wonder if the tractor weights will even affect the airtime it gets

  2. Juan Vela 2 months ago

    When you got shot in the tree I laughed so hard

  3. Nathan Yu 2 months ago

    We can’t drive that fast because apparently the cops care more about use speeding and cares nothing about drug dealer kids going around making meth and criminals in California because they think that you’re helping out the criminals be good people

  4. FRESH_COOKED_CHIKENS 2 months ago

    u know how to break every game try break that shark hunting game

  5. The SandCritter 2 months ago

    Yur mum

  6. Cody Cook 2 months ago

    My brother asked me what I was doing I said oh nothing about 1,000,000 miles an hour

  7. Jayden Ridder 2 months ago

    This should be called tractor free style.

  8. defaultusername0 2 months ago

    3:18 when mom makes pisa roles

  9. Lucas Daniel 2 months ago

    “Do not modify any files here. The multiplayer will not work anymore”
    And this is how a single man, a Florida man, broke an entire multiplayer platform in seconds.

  10. Nickolas Swank 2 months ago

    How do you fly

  11. Misha Hildebrandt 2 months ago

    Make a “wide body” race tractor with like 15000 horsepower

  12. Fortnite Bot564 2 months ago

    I wish I could do this on my ps4

  13. marn200 2 months ago

    You just made a new game, FS19: Airborne

  14. jerry the mouse 2 months ago

    как русский, я подтверждаю, что мы, русские, ездим как американцы

  15. Jeronimo Boymans 2 months ago

    cool video keep up the great content

  16. Explanation 2 months ago

    Are you in the nascar rase but IN A TRACTOR!

  17. Ninj Aneek 2 months ago

    Why's the other open tab titled "poorly drawn turkey"

  18. Nathan Workman 2 months ago

    12:33 nails the landing

  19. Minecrafted Gaming 2 months ago

    4:30 does anyone know the name of this song so i can use it in my vids

  20. Arch-Yao The Samurai 2 months ago

    Wanna learn to fly? Gray's got you.
    Wanna be an astronaut? Gray's got you.
    Ever wanna demolish a house faster than light? Gray's got you.

  21. Andrew Wall 2 months ago

    There’s so little likes and it’s a year ago and has a lot of views

  22. Unbeatable Champion 2 months ago

    Wait he didn’t fly out of the map he flew into a mountain and got stuck inside of it

  23. Alerted Badger 2 months ago

    Has anyone noticed the google tab saying "poorly drawn turkey"?

  24. Arc trooper Jesse CT-5597 2 months ago

    Gray:Alright here we go
    Also gray:UWU
    Me:Uh did you just say UWU?

  25. CubePlays Kingdom 2 months ago

    Why had you searched 'poorly drawn turkey'? Just, eh…

  26. rhys moher 2 months ago

    As an irish person this is us drunk

  27. caracter animation 2 months ago

    My stray high explosive shell impact getting found

  28. Alex Lee 2 months ago

    At 10:17 the two vehicles merge.

  29. Jay Hershberger 2 months ago

    who else mods the game i want to know how

  30. Slav Squirrel! 2 months ago

    KPH? I don’t know how much that is in m/s but that sounds like enough to get you into orbit

  31. Slav Squirrel! 2 months ago

    You misspelled Москва (Moscow/Масковый)

  32. Spartan Jameson Locke 2 months ago

    1:07 Epic Music, Epic Effects

    Lame, yet hilarious, outcome

  33. Cooper Earhart 2 months ago

    I think he likes zeros

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