I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU PRETTY | Whiskers [Let's Play/Gameplay/Walkthrough]

Today we are going to be playing a point and click horror game called Whiskers. We start out this game by being kidnapped and stuck in a cell where a man by the name of Mr. Whiskers. We have to get out of the cell and try to figure out what is going on here. It turns out that we are in a sick game created by Mr. Whiskers. If we get out of this place then we get to live and if we don’t than we get attacked my Mr Whiskers and The Boarman. The Boarman does catch us at one point and he is going to make us pretty. He is the one who is changing people into the animal/ human hybrids.

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Game Description: Whiskers is a point and click horror game. You are captured by the infamous Mr. Whiskers, a twisted lunatic. Your mission is to escape from his grasp. Find your way out by collecting items and interacting with other victims. (The game may be too difficult for usual players. If so, I am able to tweak some things.)

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