Longplay of Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

Longplay of Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, played on the PAL GameCube. This game’s version was released on Oct. 31st, 2003. Please give the video a like! Timecodes are below:

0:00:47 – Intro
0:02:15 – Forest Village Mission 1: Save Chicken Elder Oma-Oma
0:09:15 – Forest Village Mission 2: Defeat Era Gecko
0:15:05 – Boss: Era Gecko
0:18:31 – Forest Village Mission 3: Secret little forest hut
0:22:54 – Forest Village Mission 4: Traveling Mini Game Salesman
0:26:46 – Forest Village Mission 5: Secret inside the waterfall
0:31:57 – Pirates Island Mission 1: Save Chicken Elder Uri-Uri
0:36:18 – Pirates Island Mission 2: Hurry to the Pirates Ship
0:39:30 – Boss: Captain Glur
0:43:28 – Pirates Island Mission 3: Race against King Clippen
0:45:58 – Pirates Island Mission 4: Save Rolly
0:49:53 – Pirates Island Mission 5: Treasure in the Captain’s Room
0:56:17 – Dino Mountain Mission 1: Save Chicken Elder Ura-Ura
1:00:49 – Dino Mountain Mission 2: Defeat the 3 Bone Dragons
1:07:35 – Boss: Topo
1:12:08 – Dino Mountain Mission 3: Defeat 100 Crows
1:17:54 – Dino Mountain Mission 4: Chick has been kidnapped
1:22:15 – Dino Mountain Mission 5: Save the 8 Chickens
1:33:40 – Blizzard Castle Mission 1: Save Chicken Elder Ponee
1:38:05 – Blizzard Castle Mission 2: Secret of Ice Castle
1:43:11 – Boss: Moles
1:47:27 – Blizzard Castle Mission 3: After the blizzard…
1:49:15 – Blizzard Castle Mission 4: Save Bantam
1:52:36 – Blizzard Castle Mission 5: Save the 8 Chickens
2:03:36 – Blizzard Castle Mission 6: Race against Queen Rabbish
2:05:49 – Blizzard Castle Mission 7: Makin’ money with mini games
2:10:41 – Blizzard Castle Mission 8: Defeat 100 Crows
2:21:40 – Forest Village Mission 6: Secret of the windmill
2:25:57 – Forest Village Mission 7: Save the 8 Chickens
2:35:45 – Forest Village Mission 8: Defeat 100 Crows
2:41:18 – Pirates Island Mission 6: Defeat 100 Crows
2:45:46 – Pirates Island Mission 7: Chick and the Game Salesman
2:49:09 – Pirates Island Mission 8: Save the 8 Chickens
2:59:14 – Dino Mountain Mission 6: The Traveling Game Salesman
3:02:30 – Dino Mountain Mission 7: Battle Race! Champion Runny
3:04:30 – Dino Mountain Mission 8: To the mountaintop
3:11:43 – Circus Park Mission 1: Save Chicken Elder Allani
3:17:58 – Circus Park Mission 2: Secret of the Fun House
3:23:09 – Boss: Saltim
3:27:11 – Circus Park Mission 3: The clock stands still…
3:31:44 – Circus Park Mission 4: The Caged Crow and the Emblem
3:39:19 – Circus Park Mission 5: Fireworks party
3:44:08 – Circus Park Mission 6: Save the 8 Chickens
3:54:52 – Circus Park Mission 7: Defeat 100 Crows
3:59:03 – Circus Park Mission 8: Win a prize from the Game Man
4:03:13 – Sand Ruin Mission 1: The Secret of the Giant Egg
4:10:02 – Sand Ruin Mission 2: Defeat Dark Corvo
4:20:44 – Boss: Dark Corvo
4:25:50 – Sand Ruin Mission 3: Open the Rainbow Gate
4:35:33 – Sand Ruin Mission 4: Even more mini games
4:38:55 – Sand Ruin Mission 5: Save the 8 Chickens
4:56:04 – Sand Ruin Mission 6: Sand Ruins under attack
5:04:42 – Sand Ruin Mission 7: Emblem atop the pillar
5:12:28 – Sand Ruin Mission 8: Race against King Biboo
5:15:04 – Giant Palace Misison 1: Showdown with Dark Raven
5:21:32 – Final boss: Dark Raven
5:31:00 – Ending
5:32:00 – Credits
5:38:18 – Giant Palace Mission 2: Deep inside the temple…
5:42:45 – Giant Palace Mission 3: Roll down the long slope
5:48:22 – Giant Palace Mission 4: Death match! Get the Crows
5:57:16 – Giant Palace Mission 5: Save the 8 Chickens
6:09:24 – Giant Palace Mission 6: Climb up the hill
6:12:44 – Giant Palace Mission 7: What’s the Game Man doing here?
6:18:30 – Giant Palace Mission 8: Last battle! Crow army


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  1. Marco daSilva 6 months ago

    Me: cool tralier. 3:17: what the heck is that

  2. Tahir Mukic 6 months ago

    Is it just me or is Billy Hatcher the cutest little shit SEGA ever pumped out?

  3. Jacqueline Roberts 6 months ago

    You can tell that this game was indeed made by team sonic because it plays just like a sonic game. Unfortunately that shows a lack of originality. I like it when people have fresh new ideas. Unfortunately that is not displayed here.

  4. sophia watkins 6 months ago

    one of my favorite games that i played great music i was 40 years old when i played this game im all for speed running if you like that but you die too much speed running the game

  5. ZeldafanNr2 6 months ago

    I completely forgot that this game existed, holy shit.

  6. HERPy derpy 6 months ago

    I didn't like this game years back because I couldn't figure out how to play it. Watching it now, I really missed out on a great game!

  7. Delta Ray Studios 2 6 months ago


  8. Adam Gordon 6 months ago

    One of the first game I had in the gamecube. Brings back childhood. Brilliant run man, you did maps I struggled on. Great play through!

  9. shan shan 6 months ago

    I have so many fun memories of playing this with my older brother! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
    I actually really miss it.

  10. Edera 6 months ago

    This is one of the video games I have the most positive memories with. One of the greatest games in my life. 🧡💙❤

  11. CJ Russ 6 months ago

    One of my favourite games growing up, I’m still shocked to find they haven’t released a sequel. Would love one for the switch.

  12. JacobOlli 6 months ago

    Wish they would remaster this

  13. Lunar Flare Studios 6 months ago

    Sega, please release this on the Switch!

  14. Furricane Ookamikaze 6 months ago

    Someday I'm gonna make a new Billy Hatcher game: Crystal Wings
    Level 1: ❤️Farm Village🌾 Boss: Noctorro the Buffalo Winger🐂
    Level 2: 💛Desert City🕌 Boss: Pharaoh Zet the Bat Cobra🐍
    Level 3: 💚Savanah Valley🏜 Boss: Emba the Elebat🐘
    Level 4: 💗Sakura Castle⛩ Boss: Samutai the Bat Peacock🦃
    Level 5: ⚪️Machine Deck⚙️ Boss: Gri the Bat Bug🐞&🤖
    Level 6: 💜Studio Park🎬 Boss: Vulp the Bat Fox🐺
    Level 7: 💙Tundra Forest☃️ Boss: Ark the Bat Shark🦈
    Level 8: 🔶Temple Canals⛲️ Boss: Dark Nocturno the Bat Servant🦇🤺
    Last Level: 🗽Crystal Hallow🏰 Boss: Dark Batula the Bat King🦇👑

  15. Brandon Gonzales 6 months ago

    This game is very asian

  16. Joep Van Benthem 6 months ago

    The mission structure reminds me of super mario 64 and or sunshine

  17. Jasmine Johnston 6 months ago

    The Elder Eggs are really frustrating to feed and hatch. Once you get to Ponee it’s really easy to have the egg get destroyed and for you to get a Game Over!

  18. Knauckles 6 months ago

    I enjoy reading what you've written on most of these videos haha. Wish there was something written for all of them. Nonetheless, I appreciate all your longplays. Really helps me decide which games to play next. Is it just you running this channel and playing all of these?!

  19. Super Drew 6 months ago

    I hope the creators could make a movie about Billy's Adventure.

  20. Fear the Power of Sonaze 6 months ago

    Billy Hatcher is my #1 Favorite Video Game and my Favorite Character of all time!

  21. Dani Leopardeye 6 months ago

    This was my ULTIMATE favorite gamecube game.

  22. Milton García 6 months ago

    Nooo, my childhood :'c

  23. Jeremy Julkowski 6 months ago

    Shocked that Sega hasn't released an HD remaster of this Gamecube classic!

  24. Submersed24 6 months ago

    Fuck id play this on switch. I miss this game so bad, it felt like the 90s. Sonic sucks lol, make this

  25. TK94732 6 months ago

    All the bosses of Billy Hatcher are made by the crows.

  26. Brandon Hudgen-Carter 6 months ago

    this game is one major reason I hate money sometimes

  27. Sonic The Hedgehog 6 months ago

    Wow it just like sonic

  28. Рыжий Кот 6 months ago

    juego genial

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