myst speed run (best ending) – 0:01:16

my speed run of myst (attaining the best ending), completed in 0:01:16.

timing starts as soon as the book flashes onscreen and ends when i give the page to atrus. this is the 10th anniversary dvd edition on which certain cutscenes cannot be skipped.

i first decided to do this run in 2006, and the route i use is basically the same one i was test running back then. the reason i did this run in 2009 and not 2006, however, was due to lack of time and proper hardware to run the game – myst is so very cpu-intensive, after all.

to finish myst with the desirable ending, all you need to do is flip the eight marker switches on the island, flip the one near the beginning again, get the white page, and return it to atrus. so i counted the number of clicks it would take to finish using various routes, and i believe that this route takes the least amount of clicks as well as the least amount of mousing time. there are several other routes that take the same amount of clicks; this is just the one i like best.

my original goal was under 1 minute, but when i started doing serious attempts later, i quickly realized that wasn’t going to be possible. i’d say maybe a few more seconds could be shaved off if nothing new is discovered. i doubt i’m the fastest clicker in the world, but it is very difficult to be both quick and precise in this game.

therefore with this run i had to manage the balance between mousing speed and accuracy of the clicks. what you see is a technically perfect run – that is, no mistakes in clicking whatsoever – so the only improvements that can be made are to just mouse and click faster.

many slides aren’t very forgiving about where you can click to advance, especially when turning. so i was forced to slow down a bit when doing precise clicks such as flipping certain marker switches and entering the fireplace code. you’ll notice that when i just need to move straight, i go a lot faster and could generally get good precision by counting each click to myself.

you’ll also notice the long load and wait times, especially at the very beginning and during certain animations. i used the 10th anniversary dvd edition, on which these can’t be skipped. if i used a different version, such as the original, where some of these can be skipped, i might have been able to get the time a bit lower, though on other versions some of the slide transitions take more time, so it’s a trade-off.

finally, 131 clicks are required to hand atrus the last page, though i include two extra to skip his first cutscene and was actually clicking like mad during some parts.

hope you enjoy the run!



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  1. ShowoffGaming - 1 month ago

    Just got recommended this…

  2. Ult DooM 1 month ago

    I'm imagining the "quake boy" around myst world…strafe run and jump…HUH!HUH!HUH!…You did so…ROFL 😎

  3. Foodiecutie 1 month ago

    So all this whole time you could have taken a crowbar and opened the panel by the start of the game, and then swirled the fireplace around!

  4. Cobaltios 1 month ago

    I think it’s pretty amusing that Myst can be beaten so quickly, since everything is just memorization.

    Riven would be interesting to see, mostly because there’s only 2 major things to memorize, a track, and 3 codes that are randomly generated.

  5. Monsquaz 1 month ago

    You know. Why was it so important to retreive the white page for Atrus? Why not just collect a linking book to another age A, and then take it with you to age B, then bring the Myst book there through to age A and use that one's Myst book to get back to myst?,

  6. June Faramore 1 month ago

    Sad. You couldn't do this without knowing what the brothers say once their books are almost done. I don't know how this was verified, but using info that is basically a cheat code seems cheaty to me.

  7. stantz 1 month ago

    Efficient, but not exactly 'fun', is it?

  8. Brian N. Farber 1 month ago

    Does the order of flipping the levers matter (besides the last one by the boat)?

  9. TheBlewis 1 month ago

    this is really cool but totally defeats the point of the game

  10. Hikusar Aoeu 1 month ago

    Well, that sure cleared the myst out of this game.

  11. Jovian 1 month ago

    guy dashes across an island flipping switches at random, has fun in a fireplace

  12. Tejj 1 month ago

    someone should go to AGDQ and speedrun myst exactly like this

  13. nopushbutton 1 month ago

    speedrunning more like speedreading

  14. Acadie 1 month ago

    O_O after all that playing. I COULD HAVE JUST DONE THAT!?!?!? just kidding I'm still stuck on the first island. I got to try that out some time though.

  15. Modrozelena Alga 1 month ago

    It can be done even faster if you uninstall your quicktime player, cuz than that gears animation won't play.

  16. Ranx Productions 1 month ago

    "myst is so very cpu-intensive, after all."
    Myst is entirely pre-rendered background images.  Pretty much the easiest thing a CPU can handle.

  17. Hal Emmerich 1 month ago

    "That was a lot faster than I expected. I think I was in D'ni for, I dunno, all of two minutes before you came here? Can't wait to see what you would do when you have to stop my half-brother Gehn."
    – Atrus, 1800

  18. Glitcher2000 1 month ago

    I bet Cyan is crying that you blasted through the game they worked so hard on in one minute. XD

  19. Thaddeus James Moody 1 month ago

    if you legit play it it takes like 3 months

  20. Hal Emmerich 1 month ago

    I've done this before.

    Get white page from marker switches, go into fireplace, type in that fancy code, go to D'ni, and hand Atrus the page.

    And then you and Atrus proceeded to leave Sirrus and Achenar stuck in their books. Oh, well. That kind of sets up Myst IV.

  21. Jefferson kernel 1 month ago

    le malade!

  22. Demoras 1 month ago

    You're talking to the wrong crowd, man. Myst was originally released on Mac OS, and was subsequently ported to other systems.

  23. GoldfishWINS 1 month ago

    As a kid, I watched my mom play this game for MONTHS. She had a journal for every bit of information she found out. I still have that journal. It looks like alien instructions looking at it now. I remember when she finished the game. We then got her the second game in the series, "Riven". She has never played it, it's been sitting in the basement for about 10 years or so.

  24. ryanhayn 1 month ago

    I'm not sure why, but this is pretty hilarious 🙂

  25. C. Eider 1 month ago

    Mac is for pussies and hippsters

  26. Mark B 1 month ago

    Omg i hated when i rented this game as a kid. Ruined my weekend

  27. Krist the 30 Year Old Boomer 1 month ago

    It would be more impressive if you did a speed run of actually completing all the ages and returning all 4 red and blue pages to the books followed by the white page.

  28. DooM 1 month ago

    is the game fun for you?

  29. EatinBubsy 1 month ago


  30. Francisco Pinto 1 month ago

    @casedistorted I'm seeing walktroughts for ages… I wanna love these games but they are very hard and boring…. These are games I find beautiful, and that's why I love watching walktroughts.

  31. The Whoa Dude 1 month ago

    @ghdfhsfnfgbadfhsfh I did the exact same thing lol

  32. David McGarrigle 1 month ago


    or waste time reading those flaming useless books in the library, i literly copied out all the pictures just in case

  33. David McGarrigle 1 month ago

    yes its nuts, why did it take us ages to complete games back then, took me months to complete streets of rage or sonic ? have we evolved lol

  34. Will Davis 1 month ago

    @saintaureus yeah but it's as you say, the goal isn't to beat the game so much as it is so enjoy the game for a long time 😀

  35. nullability 1 month ago

    Damn, and I spent HOURS exploring Myst, figuring out the puzzles, and just enjoying the sights and sounds of all the different ages! And now you're telling me I could've completed it in under 2 minutes? How sad.

  36. Joseph Wagner 1 month ago

    I feel like I'm ruining something great for myself by watching this.

    Oh well..

  37. lol5ify 1 month ago

    this is the most beautiful game ever

  38. Plissken 1 month ago

    I don't get it.

  39. The Whoa Dude 1 month ago

    First time I beat this I needed pen and paper to do everything. Second time I beat this I did it about this fast simply because I didn't need to go through the game to find the answers to everything. Take THAT replayability!

  40. GameCarpenter 1 month ago

    It's one of the fun things about Myst, that once you have acquired the necessary knowledge you need while playing through the entire game as normal, it's quite easy to use that knowledge to beat the game again extremely fast.

  41. ZeldaFanGR1982 1 month ago

    @sicorange3 😀 No, there's much more in the game and you should definitely play it (the realMyst edition preferably). You can't do what the video shows unless you have completed the game (especially finding the correct pattern in the wall).

  42. sicorange3 1 month ago

    This is it? This is the game I saw on store shelves back in the mid 90s??? Flipping switches for half the game, spin some cranks, flip more switches… and that's it?!

  43. ASAPRockyPoint 1 month ago

    @stormonerain thats the whole game no editing

  44. Walter Zarl 1 month ago

    Never played myst but that sure looks pretty fast…what the hell am i doing looking at myst speed runs anyway?

  45. FKA [REDACTED] 1 month ago

    That's the point. It's a speed run. It's so he can hold the record for beating the game as fast as possible.

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