Nintendo DS and 3DS Display Ideas for a game room or game collection !

I have been out looking for ways to display Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS games in a collection or game room. Here’s a few that I have been able to check out and that work well! Collect what you love and have a great day!

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Links to items in the video:
Trophy Bit tiered display :
Scrabble tray: (not exact one from video that one is out of stock now but this is very similar)
Black Felt cart holder:
Wall mountable Cart display:

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  1. Disk Cart 6 months ago

    Congratulations to
    for winning the super nintendo mini from the giveaway! I will try to do another one when we get to around 1000 subscribers! thank you to everyone who left a comment!

  2. Physical 6 months ago

    The scrabble ones are really convenient for me! I have exactly enough DS games to completely fill out 2 of them, looks really nice!

  3. Dom 11 6 months ago

    I’m not sure if u will see this but I’mwondering if u have any ideas or tips for displaying a few of my 3ds and ds cases, I’ve been looking around on ur Channel and haven’t found something like that. Pls write back if u could help me out😄👍.

  4. The Switch Bit 6 months ago

    You need more subs!

  5. Landon 21 6 months ago

    This was exactly what I was looking for!! Thanks for my making the video!!

  6. Rebel Gaming Club 6 months ago

    Some great ideas…. I think I might take the plunge and start collecting loose ds. So much cheaper.

  7. Candi's Classic Game Shrine 6 months ago

    I love that Trophy Bit display! I may replace my nail polish displays for these.

  8. Starlink 6 months ago

    Ahh, Club Nintendo. It had such cool collectable items. I wish we would get something similar with My Nintendo.

    Great video as always man. I appreciate the effort you put into these videos for all of us.

  9. Ed's Retro Geek Out 6 months ago

    Sweet 😀 I'll be checkin' some of these companies I got a couple loose ones that are just stoved away somewhere 😀

  10. Disk Cart 6 months ago

    Thank you for all the support guys! I still can't beleive people are watching this let alone are becoming patrons. Thank you for watching and commenting and being awesome! I really enjoy doing this!

  11. Tront 6 months ago

    If you ever do anymore display videos, I have a 3 ideas:
    1. You can use audio cassettes as Gameboy cases ( or any other portable cartridge) and print out a label
    2. You can use wire frame kitchen drawer divider and lay games within it.
    3. Though expensive, some people use those collective cases for golf balls and Zippo lighters

  12. Enrique Valdes-Medina 6 months ago

    I love your display series man! Almost at 1k man. 🙂
    Oh and thanks for teasing me with your Nostalgia game. Been trying to find it for ages!

  13. Mashy_ 6 months ago

    Ayy a ds video! 😀

  14. Kenz Games Collection 6 months ago

    Those stands are really great, scrabble stands are a great idea also. Your YouTube channel is great. I always like the ideas you come up with 👍

  15. Do You Nerd? 6 months ago

    Felt trays in a drawer is a fantastic idea–I'd really like that set up, especially with some printing shelves you sometimes find at flea markets with the really shallow drawers.
    Another great video!!

  16. Linda aka the gamergirl 6 months ago

    Awesome ideas!

  17. SS Malichi 6 months ago

    I geek out every time I see a new video.

  18. Oak City Gamers 6 months ago

    I just found a crap ton of DS games! Lol! Love the club Nintendo mario hats! So cool! More excellent ideas 💿 🛒!!! Love these videos!

  19. Hidden Game Room 6 months ago

    Just putting it all out there huh?? Just shove it in.. a portable platform?!?! Packing it in?? DUDE,,, you freaking Perv!! Yea you know alot on the subject of small wood!

  20. The Nerdy Badger 6 months ago

    Great video and ideas, as always! If you ever do more content on displaying 3/DS games, I'd be curious as to some affordable display ideas for complete games, case and all. I like the Nintendo Club one, but as you said, it's rather hard to find and pricey if you do stumble upon one.

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