Risky Game [Miku Hatsune] ~English Sub~ HD + mp3

Hello there! i want tell everyone to shut the channel soon and you may not see the videos that I upload, re-upload some videos to this account:
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This is my first fansub entirely in English and the first of the year, since 80% of my subscribers are english speaking, this song sung by Hatsune Miku has a very elegant style of jazz, is also the first time a song subtitle Miku was because I really love the song and video art is splendid, is best enjoyed in HD 🙂
Thanks to Rena for the structural part of the translation, I hope your total satisfaction ^^
Soon the translation in Spanish! 😀


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  1. Hiyama Kiyoteru 6 months ago

    More like a performer falling in love with one of her avid customers… The setting seems to be on a mafia based era which seems to look like Miku is the performer and she had a customer which usually takes her out when they meet together… However, as time passes by, she starts to fall for the guy even harder that it's already painful for her whenever he leaves. The start of the song depicts Miku's "hunger" for the guy's affection and when he was about to leave in the end, she stopped him…

  2. Emily Eisenhauer 6 months ago

    I personally think the song is from the perspective of a prostitute that's falling in love with one of her clients. She's not used to feeling actual love, and is heartboken when he leaves each week.

  3. Arigon Artworks 6 months ago

    I didn't expected the ending, it gives a different perspective of the song.

  4. RaidONE 6 months ago

    i can't believe i almost didn't click this……

  5. Kimilou 6 months ago

    kaito ver. please!

  6. Dennis Yu 6 months ago

    great jazz backround

  7. Violo148 6 months ago

    WOAAHHH NICEEE!!! 🙂 Miku sounds better in this, compared to the others. 🙂 I love! 😀

  8. 104daze 6 months ago

    This song's amazing! Their outfits are amazing, too :). Problem is, since I play violin, I can't help but think, 'Man, that violin part sounds pretty fake' and I wish I wouldn't, since I'm ruining this song for myself, lol. Thanks for the translation too :]

  9. Cambria Paras 6 months ago

    I love the way her voice sounds in this one… It sounds more natural/realistic and is nice to hear a different sound from her ^^

  10. IceQueen975 6 months ago

    These outfits are amazing! The song's nice too; another song Miku's not stupidly high-pitched in. Yay!

  11. Rubin (Hetachan) 6 months ago

    YAY! Subs! =D
    Finally! Thank you =D

  12. xMidnightChan 6 months ago

    Very good.[: The only mistakes are some spelling ones, (I think), lovely song.

  13. Mira M 6 months ago

    Awesome! <33

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