Side Quests & First Date | Let’s Play Romantic Diary (Anime Dress-up Game) 👗

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So far, I’m liking the amount of in-game prizes you can get in the game. The dresses are also very dreamy and well-designed.
I know my voice, reactions, and/or commentary can be cringey…but I’m trying this so I can improve.

If you finished watching this video, thank you 🙏
If you’re looking for an otome game that’s geared more towards the dress-up aspect, you might want to check this out.

Romantic Diary:Anime Dress Up by NGames Hong Kong Limited

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Another channel (MNW) has posted the Frederick Grey route. Check out this playlist:


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  1. NotWolfy 6 months ago

    Hey. Can you help me? I'm stuck on the main Screen and can't do anything! I want to change the language since I don't understand a single thing! Please help me!

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